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At Zuventus Healthcare, we're proud to have a portfolio of brands making a real impact on people's lives. We are dedicated to bringing joy and jubilation to people's lives. Millions of patients and healthcare professionals around the world trust our products.

Bevon, Maxtra, Eslo, Augpen, Zinconia, Netromax, Oxyptadil, Tosiban, Troxip, Pegclear, and Brainmax are leading the way in their respective market segments. These brands have been carefully developed to provide the most effective treatments for a range of conditions, and their success is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication.

Bevon, for example, is a top-ranked multivitamin that provides essential nutrients for maintaining good health. Maxtra is a leading brand for cough, cold, and allergy treatment trusted by doctors and patients. Eslo treats hypertension, while Augpen is an antibiotic effective against many bacterial infections. Zinconia is a popular zinc supplement that helps support the immune system, and Netromax is a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat various infections.

Meanwhile, our other leading brands, Feronia XT, Zostum, and Pelvik, are also significantly impacting their respective market segments. Feronia XT is a trusted iron supplement that helps prevent and treat iron-deficiency anemia. Zostum is a particularly effective antibiotic against respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Our portfolio includes a range of brands trusted by doctors and patients alike, and we're proud to have several products that rank number one in their respective market segments.

In our Gromaxx division, Maxiliv, Bactomin, and Tuloplast are our top-ranked products under Innovation Technology. Maxiliv is a liver tonic that helps support liver function and detoxification. Bactomin is an antibiotic effective against a wide range of bacterial infections. Tuloplast 0.5 Transdermal Patch is a bronchodilator used to relieve symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, breathing difficulties, coughing, etc., caused by asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Gutclear, Lornit, Cortimax, and Elriz XL are our second-ranked products in their respective segments, offering effective treatments for various conditions. Brophyle range is our third-ranked product, providing solutions for respiratory health and bronchitis.

Under our Odenea division, Myotop and Ketoplast rank number one in their respective market segments. Myotop is a muscle relaxant used to treat muscle spasms and stiffness. Ketoplast is a pain-relieving patch that provides relief from acute and chronic pain. Setolac-P, Bupreplast, and Dicloplast are our second-ranked products, offering practical solutions for pain management. Eucalmin, Mefast, and C Tax-O XL are our third-ranked products, providing relief from various conditions.

Efnocar, a calcium channel blocker used for treating high blood pressure and managing chest pain, is a top brand in the solid market within our lifestyle division.

In addition to our top-ranked products, we're also proud to have a strong portfolio of brands trusted by millions of people worldwide. These are Zuventus's top 10 brands in terms of market value, irrespective of division:

We are the proud leading manufacturer of the Eslo brand, as we have been producing the purest form of Amlodipine for over 20 years and have achieved the number one position.

Regarding overall brand ranking, Zuventus is also a top performer. According to Awacs-Pharmarack Mar 23 MAT data, Zuventus holds its position with brands like Bevon at 68th rank, Maxtra at 121, and Zostum at 143.

Our products are developed using the latest research and technology, and we're constantly working to improve and innovate our products to provide the best possible healthcare solutions for our patients. Our commitment to quality and innovation is what sets us apart, and we're proud to have a portfolio of brands trusted by millions of people worldwide. Thank you for choosing Zuventus Healthcare, and we look forward to continuing to serve your healthcare needs.

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Technology Products
Innovative Chiral Technology

Eslo: S (-) amlodipine

Kimet-XL: S (-) metoprolol

Setolac: (S)-Etodolac

S (-) pantoprazole,



Complex Peptides

Tosiban: Atosiban

Oxyptadil: Aviptadil


Advanced Synthesis & Delivery System

Troxip OD


Ozolid SR

Stabilized Probiotic Formulation






Ultra Purification Technology




Meganano gel

Patented Products


Efonidipine range

Patented in License Products

Boroflex from Futureceuticals

Hilo from NextGen Pharma

Our first Time in India Products


S (-) amlodipine (Eslo)



Tuloplast – Tulobuterol


Iseren pelvic gel






Amlexanox ointment


Evanew tablet

As a leading healthcare company, we take pride in our role as innovators. We have introduced several pioneering products that have set new standards in medical care:

These products represent our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering advanced solutions to meet diverse medical needs. By staying ahead of the curve, we strive to make a positive impact on patient well-being and improve healthcare outcomes.

As an industry leader in industrial formulation, we are proud to introduce a range of cutting-edge products that have revolutionized various sectors. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in the following advancements:

Floristore: This remarkable formulation has redefined industrial processes, offering unmatched efficiency and performance. With its unique properties, Floristore has become a game-changer in optimizing operations and enhancing productivity.

Hilo and Florimax from NextGen: These exceptional products represent the next generation of industrial solutions. Hilo combines advanced technology with superior functionality to address complex challenges, while Florimax sets new standards in effectiveness and reliability. Together, they empower industries to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Coralium-D3 from MarineBio: Harnessing the power of marine resources, Coralium brings forth a revolutionary approach to industrial formulation. Derived from marine bioactive compounds, this product offers exceptional properties, making it a valuable asset in a wide range of applications.

Iseren Pelvic Gel from Opko: These groundbreaking formulations are designed to address specific industrial needs, providing effective solutions for diverse applications. Their advanced composition and performance make them essential components in various industrial processes.

Our products deliver superior results, drive efficiency, and empower industries to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Zuventus also takes pride in providing a range of patches in pharma products.

Ketoprofen: This groundbreaking patch provides targeted relief by delivering the power of Ketopan to alleviate pain and inflammation effectively.

Dicloplast: Our innovative dicloplast, the potency of diclofenac with the convenience of a patch. It is designed to deliver localized pain relief, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking effective and hassle-free solutions.

Buprenorphine: Bupreplast is a game-changer when it comes to managing pain. By incorporating the benefits of buprenorphine, this patch offers sustained release, ensuring prolonged relief and improved quality of life.

In addition to our range of patches, we also offer a selection of pharmaceutical solutions:

Pansa D: Pansa D is a comprehensive medication that combines the potency of pantoprazole and domperidone to effectively manage digestive disorders. It offers relief from acid-related conditions and helps restore gastrointestinal balance.

Zosa DSR: Zosa DSR is a superior pharmaceutical formulation comprising of omeprazole, domperidone, and sustained-release pellets. It provides optimal control over acid production, offering relief from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and associated symptoms.

Rabifast DSR: Designed to alleviate acid-related discomfort, Rabifast DSR combines rabeprazole and domperidone in a sustained-release format. This powerful combination provides rapid relief and long-lasting results for individuals suffering from gastric ailments.