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Learning and Development
Training department of Zuventus primarily caters to training and development needs of our field personnel in areas of Scientific and Skill Training. All new entrants go through a brief Induction Training immediately on joining and subsequently undertake full-fledged Scientific and Sales Training.

Scientific and Sales Training
Pharmaceutical selling is quite peculiar and distinct. Firstly it is an indirect selling in that a sales person conveys sales message to doctors who in turn prescribe brands to patients. Secondly the sales person deals with customers (doctors) who are highly knowledgeable in terms of diseases and therapies. The scientific knowledge and skill set required for pharma sales persons are tailored with this back drop.

Accordingly the field staff sales training is divided into thorough scientific training on one hand, and customer communication, handling, services etc on the other. The first part is largely conducted through interactive sessions by medically qualified personnel. The second is handled by seasoned trainers with operational backgrounds.

New products/approaches/therapies being an integral part of healthcare industry, such training programs are required and being conducted as an ongoing effort.

Managerial Training/Management Development Programs

Effective operational management is a key to objective achievements. Developing and honing management skills and abilities is therefore taken as an ongoing process at Zuventus. Faculty with rich experience and proven credentials both in house as well as outside are regularly entrusted this responsibility and has been paying handsome dividends as reflected in our enviable track record.
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